Plug-in tv with hdmi - change of sound

Hi all,

I’ve managed to update my Endless OS.

But now, when I plug in my tv with hdmi cable, the sound doesn’t switch. I have to do it manualy…
I can’t really find how to turn it on automaticly. Before the update, when I plugged in the tv, the sound and image switched automaticly.

Any one know how to do this please?
Thank you!

Edit: Is it the: multi-monitor ? Workspaces on all displays?
I’ve now switch it on… See this evening when I plug-in the tv.

Edit: Ok, so this didn’t do anything…

So quiet in here … ?

Yes is very unusual how quiet it is from support side.

Yes I agree. In the past there was always a quick response with a good solution.
Maybe something happend to them? Really hope they are all ok!

Maybe there is no solution? But strange, because before the update this was automatic…
Really hope someone can point me in the right direction.

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