Previous versions of endless OS

Is there a repository that will allow you to download older versions of Endless OS?

No, but if you have a specific historical image request we can probably provide a link.

@Daniel Would it be possible to get links to the newest Version of endless version 4.x.x and The 5.0.x version right before you guys took away HACK?
I’m looking for the pc OS and the raspberry pi compatible OS as well.

4.0.10 base amd64 iso:
4.0.10 English amd64 iso:

4.0.10 base rpi4:
4.0.10 English rpi4:

5.0.5 base amd64 iso:
5.0.5 English amd64 iso:

5.0.5 base rpi4:
5.0.5 English rpi4:


When attempting to install the either of the EOS iso, I used Rufus and Balena etcher (separately) to mount the ISO and create my bootable flash drive but received the “minimal BASH-like line editing is supported”.
I had a brain glitch, the laptop I am using had the version of EOS that is newer and that I am wanting to replace.
I think that is part of my problem and that this laptop is running the legacy BIOS.

Any suggestions?

I don’t know why that would be. The presence of the existing Endless install should not affect the boot process.
What do you mean by “mount the ISO”? Our ISOs should be written to the target media, byte-by-byte as-is. If you mount things and copy files it will probably not work right.
We have some directions here:

Could I get the VM images of both 4.0.10 and 5.0.5 please?


Could I get please ISO for Endless 3.9.0.

Thanks in advance

The URLs for all our current & previous publicly-released ISOs and OVF images for virtual machines are in this JSON file:

I want versions 2.0 and 1.0 isos

I was unable to find 1.0 ISOs off hand, but found 2.0 (Global):

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