Print screen captures background instead of foreground

Using the Videos app, I make it full screen, wait for the top and bottom strips to disappear and then press the Print screen command. The first couple of times, this works correctly and captures what I see on Videos. However, after one or two screenshots, it captures part of the background with noise. See the attached screenshots, with what I would like and what happens.

The file “What_I_would_like” is the first screen shot that I captured. ** I could only upload one picture, so I uploaded the other one**
The file “What_I_would_like_to_avoid” is what happens with subsequent screenshots.

Sometimes I can take a couple of good screenshots, before it breaks down. Stopping the video and using the advance one frame, back one frame seem to make the issue worse.

Thank you very much!


Taking Screenshots of Videos can be problematic, especially when hardware acceleration is involved. I recommend you to use the VLC Media Player for playing back videos, a it has a dedicated functionality to capture a single frame of the running video (Keybort Shortcut: Shift-S)