Printer Canon LBP3000 don't work with Endless

When I tried to print the test page there is error message:
“unsupported format application/vnd.cups-banner”

eos-diagnostic log file:
x-special/nautilus-clipboard copy

eos-diagnostic-210321_180025_UTC 0300.txt (3.0 МБ)

Hi Val,

Apologies for the inconvenience, unfortunately your printer is not supported by Endless OS.

For future versions of Endless OS we are focusing and limiting our printer support to those printers with high quality open source drivers distributed in Debian Linux, and printers compatible with smartphones (i.e. supporting AirPrint / IPP driverless printing). That will cover the majority of modern printers, but Unfortunately your printer does not fall into these categories either.

Thanks, so it’s the reason to think about new modern printer.