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I have a new printer named “Printon” Model PMF22. Connect my laptop with the driver installed but not work. The printer is multifunctional with a scanner.

Please help

eos-diagnostic-221108_214853_UTC 0600.txt (1.1 MB) license.txt (12.2 KB) strings.txt (289 Bytes)

Driver link :

Unfortunately, there will be no automatic installation available for this type of printer, as there’s a complete proprietary driver involved - the printer does not speak any of the more common languages like PCL or PostScript.

Probably you can get at least the printing part working, but that also involves a lot of manual work on your side - as i don’t have this kind of printer available i can’t provide you with detailed steps on how to proceed, but the outline is as follows:

  1. For your printer to work, there are essentially two files required - the PPD and the CUPS filter. Both are available from within the driver archive (i’ll append them in extracted form in this thread)
  2. The filter is responsible for converting something to be printed into a language the printer understands. The filter needs to be put in the directory /usr/local/lib/cups/filter. Make sure that this file has execute permissions:
sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/lib/cups/filter
sudo install -Dm755 /path/to/rastertoprinton /usr/local/lib/cups/filter
  1. The PPD is responsible for providing general information on the capabilities of the printer and needs to be provided when adding the printer via the GUI.

Good luck.

printon.tar.gz (127.8 KB)

Can you give me any help on whether this printer can be made Endless OS compatible?

Apparently, you can try a Wi-Fi router with a usb port, or an Ethernet router.
I bet your printer must work on the network.

Please describe the process for WiFi connect and printing and

  Note: I'm trying to install in Pop! OS and Ubuntu successfully

install printer and scanner.

(Attachment PMF22 User Guide.pdf is missing)

Please describe the installation process.

  Note: I'm trying to install Pop! OS and Ubuntu I successfully

installed the printer and scanner.

Please help me for Endless OS continuation.


I tried to connect over wifi, but the scanner is fine and the printer was added but does not show after the command to print.

Please help.

eos-diagnostic-221120_215614_UTC 0600.txt (1.0 MB)

Dear Hafiz, I’m sorry, I’m very busy right now, but in a few weeks I will be able to simulate your problem and solve it. Wait or just follow the instructions of your web router. I’m pretty sure EOS is a web version technology, so you can use your Wi-Fi printer (through a router).