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hi, i noticed that google sees my home address when i search for something on google search, how can i block this? no one else can see my address, I have entered settings and the location is stopped, thanks in advance for help!


France - From your Internet address - [Use precise location](

Immediatly you can’t do anything about it, as the location is most probaby based on the IP address your ISP assigned to you. Often the IPs providers assign are bound to a specific location. For example, the IP address i currently got assigned is only given to customers in my cities district. As the IP range in question has been handed out by RIPE, one can get an approximate position of your IP (

In case your provider assigned you a statically IP things are even more easy for Trackers like Google. If you entered your real Address for example in some of Googles Services or one of it’s Partners, there’s a bound between these information, so Google knows who you are and where you are when using this internet connection.

If you want to disguise your location you can use some service like Onion or VPN. But make sure that you don’t use Googles Services in either case as they can track you there too with various tricks (Tracking Cookies, …)

so the only way is to stop using google search, which would be the best alternative for search?

thanks i will delete google, i installed firefox, how do i disappear from the google search screen?

I followed the advice on that page and it goes, at least I hope :)))

Location Unknown - [Use precise location]

Client: HexChat 2.14.3 • OS: GNOME master (Flatpak runtime) • CPU: Intel® Celeron® N4000 CPU @ 1.10GHz (2,53GHz) • Memory: Physical: 3,6 GiB Total (937,5 MiB Free) Swap: 5,4 GiB Total (4,7 GiB Free) • Storage: 27,9 GB / 484,0 GB (456,2 GB Free) • VGA: 8086:3185 @ 8086:31f0 • Uptime: 3h 8m 45s

with linux endless it works fine but I find it a bit slow when I open it, and when I first open an application installed, but I repeat it works very well

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