Problemas com conexão

Estou com problemas de conexão. Ligo o computador e o wifi funciona durante uns 5 minutos e, depois, desconecta e não reconhece mais nenhuma rede.
versão do SO: Endless 4.0.8
versão do gnome: 3.38.5
eos-diagnostic-220822_140948_UTC-0300.txt (1021,4,KB)

Has it worked previously before updating to 4.08?

Yes, It was working.

OK, this seems to be some kind of issue with the latest version, 4.0.8. Please perform the following steps:

  1. Open a Terminal, then enter the following command:
sudo ostree admin deploy 7e888a8646b5c892a7cb30d5d7ec4c172b1cedaa1ae545e395e869923a856ca6
  1. When the command has finished, reboot your computer. You will be at the previous version, 4.0.7 then.
  2. Disable automatic updates until the bug has been fixed:

Seems there is some kind of regression with the backported RTL8821CE driver in 4.0.8 - this one is in use by the OP and crashes regularly according to the log

Hi @Pedro_Henrique_Melo

Thanks for your report. I will be great if you can help do some tests:

  1. Upgrade to Endless OS 4.0.8 again. Then, do a cold reboot (power off, then boot by pushing the power button) to make sure the system, including the Realtek wireless chip is fully on reset state. Then, use the WiFi awhile to observe that this issue happens again, or not.

  2. If the issue is still producible from 1st step, then we would like to test disabling the rtw88 driver’s ASPM feature with Endless OS 4.0.8. Please execute this command in Terminal:

echo -e "options rtw88_core disable_lps_deep=y\noptions rtw88_pci disable_aspm=y" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/rtw88.conf

Then, do a cold reboot, and use the WiFi awhile to observe that this issue happens again, or not. Also, have the output of command:

grep "" /sys/module/rtw88_*/parameters/*

Hi @Pedro_Henrique_Melo,

Can you please help do the test steps in the comment? Thanks

Olá @Pedro_Henrique_Melo,

Na semana passada nós lançamos a versão 4.0.9 do Endless OS com algumas mudanças tentando corrigir problemas com esse adaptador WiFi. Se você puder atualizar seu sistema para essa última versão, talvez isso resolva seu problema.

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