Пустой рабочий стол


Купил ноутбук, и при первом запуске обнаружил, что рабочий стол пустой, в левой нижней части ничего нет, а меню приветствия, с выбором языка, региона и времени не появлялась вообще. Я даже не могу его выключить!! Помогите, в интернете ничего не могу найти по этому поводу


Sorry you’re having this problem. One thing I notice from this picture is that a Wi-Fi network is already configured. Did this computer have a previous owner?

What is the manufacturer and model of this computer?

Since there is already a network connection, if you leave the computer connected to the internet for a while it should automatically install any available OS updates. Try leaving it switched on for a while, then shut it down (press and hold the power button until the computer turns off) and switch it back on again.

If this doesn’t help – I’m afraid it’s rather difficult to debug and resolve issues that happen at this point since there are no user accounts. If you are confident with Linux and the command line, you could try the following:

  • Restart the computer
  • Before the Endless logo appears, hit the Escape key repeatedly until you reach a “GRUB” menu screen
  • Press e to edit the kernel command line for the Endless OS entry
  • Add systemd.debug_shell to the command line, and press F10 to boot the system
  • Once you get stuck, hit Ctrl-Alt-F9 to get to a text-mode terminal
  • Run journalctl to inspect the system journal – see if there is anything interesting in there

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