Python installation

How to install Python as well as Miniconda(preferably) on endless? So pip or conda would work to install jupyter notebook for data science.

How to install and run Jupyter Notebook on Endless OS

ā€¦ a short tutorial :slight_smile:

Part I - Installation

Upgrade your PIP

We need a newer PIP installed in our User environment:

python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip

Create a virtual Environment for Jupyter

We want to keep our Python environment clean, so we use virtual environments contained completely inside one dedicated directory:

python3 -m venv ~/jupyter

Activate this Environment

To use this virtual environment, we need to activate it. This sets up the necessary environment like PATH and other stuff:

source ~/jupyter/bin/activate

Install Jupyter

Install it through the usual way:

pip install jupyterlab

Part 2 - Running

You need to activate the Python Environment you created for Jupyter:

source ~/jupyter/bin/activate

Now that Jupyter is listening, open a Browser and navigate to it - the exact URL is printed on the console.

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