¿Qué tienen las 4 particiones de Endless?

He comprado un portátil que viene con Endless OS instalado y he visto que trae 4 particiones. ¿Podéis decirme qué contiene cada partición?

Can you please open a Terminal and run the following command:

sudo sfdisk --list --quiet /dev/sd[a-c] /dev/nvmen[0-9]

Then, copy-paste the output here for further explanation. In general, the Disk is partitioned in a way that it contains multiple partitions which are needed for different things (i assume a UEFI System):

  1. BIOS Boot Partition, normally 1 MiB in size to support legacy booting
  2. EFI System partition, which contains the EFI Bootloader and associated files
  3. Root-Filesystem, which contains the entire Operating System and User Data
  4. (Recovery Partition, which contains vendor specific tools for rebuilding partitions 1-3 in case something goes woo)

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