Questions about the endless os

I’ve used many Linux distributions only now I’m taking a look at the ostree distributions and I was with some questions

What is the difference from fedora silberblue to the endless os?

The endless os Do you support nvidia hybrid graphics?

How can I activate zram?

Are you ever thinking about adding snap support?

Are endless applications tailored in terms of design compared to gnome applications?

Is Btrfs accurate?


  1. They have some things in common (OSTree, Flatpak) but have different ancestors (Fedora/RedHat vs. Debian/Ubuntu). Additionally, EOS has a customized User Interface based on GNOME and is generally more tailored to provide a usable out-of-box Experience for novice users. It also includes a great set of applications for educational purposes.

  2. Can’t anser the Nvidia question as i don’t have any device with a NVidia GPU

  3. ZRAM is activated per default on EOS

  4. Can’t answer the SNAP question, as i’m not associated with Endless and don’t know their internal plans.

  5. Most applications included per default in EOS are GNOME based, also the ones built by Endless

  6. EOS does not use BTRFS but ext4.

If you can confirm the part of nvidia I will do the migration, I wait for the responses of the developers

From other threads in the forum it seems that the proprietary NVIDIA driver included with EOS supports hybrid graphics. Just try EOS, you will be satisfied. I used many different Linux distributions over the last two decades (Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE, Fedora, …) and settled with EOS about 18 months ago. Never regretted it a single second.

In short, no
I’ll have to choose another distro

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