Quiero ejecutar un archivo que es compatible con Linux

Buenas, quiero saber como se puede ejecutar un archivo .sh en Endless

If you have for example a file called app.sh, you need to first make it executable:

chmod +x app.sh

Now you can run it:


Me sale el mensaje “Permission denied” y ya lo hice ejecutable ¿que puedo hacer?

¿Tiene alguno, alguna solucion a mi problema?

Where did you get the sh file from?

¿En qué influye el sitio de dónde lo saqué?

Because eventually, the error message does not come from the attempt of running the shell script, but from the commands in the script. Or the interpreter specified in the shell script does simply not exist. There are various reasons which are hard to diagnose without the script in question.

Ok, y de que sitios son seguros para descargar .sh y que seguro se ejecutarán? Porque el sitio de dónde lo descargue decía que era compatible con Linux.

You can install using the toolbox command. The Toolbox is a tool that offers a familiar RPM based environment for developing and debugging software that runs fully unprivileged using Podman. I recommend reading the toolbox command documentation using the command toolbox --help or github.com/debarshiray/toolbox/tree/master/doc

Create a new toolbox container using the command:

toolbox create --release f33

To run the toolbox use the command:

toolbox enter --release f33

Thats a question that can’t be answered easily. sh files are simply files which contain commands normally entered in the Terminal (the “Shell”, hence it’s name). Most often they are used to automate tasks on the system, but sometimes applications are distributed as so called “shell-archives”, which consist of a binary data and a shell script to expand itself.

In general, i would be cautious with those files, as - depending on their origin - can be harmful to your system.

Entonces, cómo puedo deshacerme del “permission denied” si es que se puede, o que programa debo instalar para cumplir mi objetivo

Can’t answer this without seeing the script, or at least a part of it. Run:

head -5 file.sh

(replace file.sh with the path to the actual file). Then post the output here.

No entendi esta parte ¿que tengo que hacer?

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