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Endless Companion | Release Notes

July 12, 2018

Endless is proud to announce the debut of a brand new addition to the Endless product line – the Endless Companion for Android devices. Now, you can use Android phones and tablets to view content from any computer that is running Endless OS 3.4 or later, so that more people can benefit from Endless OS’ native apps at the same time.

The Endless Companion was created because we found that many of our users have a single Endless OS computer in a household with multiple people trying to access information at the same time. With the Endless Companion, everyone will be able to access the information found on their computer from any compatible phone or tablet, all without using an internet connection or data.

The Endless Companion can view all the content available in any Endless app, from pages of information, to books, audio or video files, they are all seamlessly shown on your Android device.


The Feed aggregates content daily from all the different applications installed on Endless OS, and helps you discover and explore new topics and interests.

Easy to Search

Just like on your Endless computer, you can easily search the entire system, bringing up content from various apps on a single subject, which leads to easy research and discovery.

While browsing long articles, you can search within the page to go directly to what you’re looking for, just like in an Endless App on your computer.

Easy to Use

Setup is easy, just make sure your device is on the same network as your computer and tap on your computer’s name when you open the app.

Endless cares about your data usage, so the Companion App is a small download at just 7MB and supports any Android device with an OS newer than 5.0 (Lollypop).

Phones are the primary target of this release, but support for Chromebooks and tablets is at a beta stage, and more improvements are coming soon!

Install Endless Companion from Google Play Store

I came across the Endless YouTube video about this Companion App, watching some YouTube videos while making breakfast this morning. I installed it on my tablet and it works very well, thanks.


Yes there could be some UI improvements for tablet usage, but it works fine, and navigation is pretty straight forward.

Thanks for the feedback!

Indeed, Tablets and ChromeBooks are supported but not optimized for those dimensions at the moment. I am very happy to hear that you find the navigation straight forward, that is what we aimed for.