Release | Endless OS 3.5.8

Endless OS 3.5.8 was released for existing users on Monday 8th April, 2019. Images for new users will be available soon.

New App Center category for Endless Studio games and content

Endless Studio is launching a slate of games that you can hack – including Passage, Missile Math, Aqueducts and Dragon’s Apprentice – along with tutorial apps for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and a number of other topics. As these games and tutorials are published, they will appear in a new Learn to Code category in the App Center. Many of these apps will be included in new installations of Endless OS 3.5.8.

Other Improvements and Changes

  • Flatpak security fix. This release includes a fix for CVE-2019-10063.
  • Composite video port disabled on Endless Mini. We are removing support for composite video. This release disables the CVBS port on Endless Mini.
  • Accelerated video playback in Chromium on Endless Mini. On Endless Mini, H.264 video playback in the Chromium browser is now hardware-accelerated once again. (This was broken in Endless OS 3.5.5, causing slow video playback.)
  • Smooth video playback in Endless applications. On x86_64 (Intel/AMD) systems, video playback has been slow and choppy in applications like Kids and Animal Kingdom for a few releases; video playback should now be smooth again.
  • Fixed missing software updates. Previous versions of the App Center had a bug where updates for app runtimes might not be shown and installed. This has been resolved. After upgrading, you may see several new updates for components like “ Application Platform” and “GNOME Application Platform”.

Known Issues

  • Learn to Code category hidden. At the time of release, a metadata problem means that the Learn to Code category is hidden. You can find these games in the Games category for now; the Learn to Code category is expected to appear soon.

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