Release | Endless OS 4.0.1

Endless OS 4.0.1 has been released as an over-the-air upgrade. Downloadable images for new installations will appear soon. Here’s what’s new compared to 4.0.0, taken from our support wiki:

  • When upgrading from Endless OS 3.9, the first startup of Endless OS 4.0.0 could be rather slow, due to a one-time upgrade process which runs on the first startup of Endless OS 4. In Endless OS 4.0.1, this process is now run in the background, so the first startup after upgrading from 3.9.6 to 4.0.1 should be substantially quicker.
  • The NSS (Network Security Service) library has been updated to fix a security issue, CVE-2021-43527.
  • An unnecessary background service is no longer started when the system starts up and every 24 hours, which may make the system start up infinitesimally faster.
  • A frequent crash in the calendar service, which only affected ARM64 devices such as Raspberry Pi and Pinebook Pro, has been fixed.
  • The web safety feature, also known as eos-safe-defaults, has been updated for better compatibility with networks which block access to alternative DNS servers, such as some mobile Wi-Fi hotspots. Previously, on such networks, you could not use the internet if this feature is enabled. Now, the OS will fall back to using the ISP’s unfiltered DNS servers if necessary; but to compensate, the Chrome and Chromium web browsers will be configured to access OpenDNS Family Shield using DNS over HTTPS, restoring web filtering.
  • The eos-save-icon-grid command, which has not worked since Endless OS 3.9.0, has been updated. This command can be used to save the current app grid layout in a format that can be used when creating a custom Endless OS installation image.
  • An issue with the technology associated with our affordable device access program has been resolved.
  • An issue introduced in 4.0.0 where some Wi-Fi hardware based on the RTL8821CE chipset stopped working has been fixed.
  • Translations for Indonesian, German and Sinhala have been updated, thanks to our community translators.

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