Release | Endless OS 4.0.7

Today we released Endless OS 4.0.7, a minor bug fix update. Notably, it includes a hardware compatibility fix for display output on the Weibu F3C, a mini PC deployed by one of our impact partners.

As usual, full release notes are available on our support website.

This minor release will be available via an automatic update to online installations of Endless OS. Downloads of Endless OS 4.0.4 will continue to be available at until a future release, while pre-built images of Endless OS 4.0.7 will be made available to impact partners as needed.

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Hello, after update to this version, Remmina does not starts. Can you help?

Can you please open a Terminal, then enter the follwing command:

flatpak run --env=G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all org.remmina.Remmina

Then, copy any output into this Thread for further analysis.

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tnx for answer. sorry i cant, i am not near PC. but problem is solved.
flatpak update -v
flatpak repair

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