Release | Endless OS Version 3.1.1

Endless OS 3.1.1 (January 30, 2017)

  • VLC is now available through the App Center! This is great news for users who have had trouble viewing videos on other media players that ship with Endless. VLC provides additional codec support that other players do not, and includes the ability to play commercial DVDs

  • Fixed Dropbox so that clicking on the desktop icon opens the user’s dropbox folder in the file manager. This fix requires updating the Dropbox app via the App Center

  • Upgraded the Chromium browser (the “Internet” app) to version 55. This is a particularly important update because of a Certificate Transparency handling problem with many websites that made them unusable with Chrome/Chromium version 53. Chromium 55 also includes important memory reductions for many modern websites that significantly improves the ability to open multiple browser tabs on machines with less memory available

  • Improved Google Chrome’s automatic download and installation process for users who download Endless OS or purchase non-Endless hardware that ships with Endless OS. It is now the default browser icon on the desktop and taskbar for these users. Google Chrome is a good option for people who have had trouble playing videos in the browser as it includes a license that is needed to decode H.264 videos that are often required for streaming sites like Netflix, and with our Virtual School app (KA Lite)

  • Improved the App Center, including fixes for an issue that affected users who manually upgraded from version 2.x to 3.x. In addition, the App Center will now display better for low-resolution devices, so users with older TV models should have a better user experience

  • A new “Developer Tools” section was added to the App Center. This is a small step towards improving the developer story on Endless OS, and includes apps like like Android Studio and Snap4Arduino


Well Done! Great job, Vlc is plays most video format, helps to convert various video format , which surely help a lot.This is a big jump.

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It sounds really great but…


I can not update from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1

Could you help me?

It says that there is an update error.

Hey Neil, what is the error message you see?

@wjt @ramcq FYI

The best option was reinstall Endless OS. Now Im fine with Endless 3.1.1 :slight_smile:


Excellent news!
I’m already using VLC, on my Endless One, running Endless 3.1.1
One minor inconvenient I’ve found, is that VLC is not seeing the entire filesystem.
I have to run through command line, to see the directories I want to read from, like this:

flatpak run -filesystem=/var/endless-extra/tmp org.videolan.VLC

How can I make VLC to read the complete filesystem?

@alefeltes Try “flatpak override --filesystem=host org.videolan.VLC”

I does not work. I get:

mount: only root can mount LABEL=ostree on /

when trying to navigate the filesystem