Release | Endless OS Version 3.1.3

Here’s what’s new in Endless OS version 3.1.3

  • Redesigned Global Search Bar: The global search bar on the desktop was redesigned, featuring a different color scheme that makes it easier for users to see and use for searching local files and the internet alike.

  • New boot animation: Now, when you turn on Endless OS, our logo appears with the word “ENDLESS” below it.
  • Chrome support for web apps: If you have set Chrome as your default browser, web apps will now launch there instead of Chromium. This allows use of Virtual School if you don’t have codecs for Chromium. We still do not support launching web apps in other browsers, for example, Firefox.
    Skype Beta version: This latest version of Skype for Linux allows users to make 1:1 video calls across platforms instead of just to other Linux users.

  • VLC translations: Translation support has been added for more than 20 languages.
    Additional translations to Bengali: The Animals, Celebrities, Cooking and Geography apps were translated to Bengali, replacing the English-only apps that were shipped by default in this language.

  • GNOME Builder: We now ship GNOME Builder, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing GNOME-based software that natively supports building Flatpak applications.
    Firefox Flash update: The Flash player plugin for Firefox received an important update that corrects security vulnerabilities.

  • Search in video apps: It is now possible to search for videos in apps that contain videos.

  • Removed Soy 502 app: Soy 502 is a popular news site in Guatemala. Unfortunately, recent changes to their website have broken our app, so we removed it and do not have plans to support it in upcoming releases.

  • Various improvements to our apps: Several bugs were fixed like empty categories in the Bengali Health app and videos that were impossible to play in VideoNet.

Installer / Dual Boot

  • ISO Images: We now provide ISO images! These are brand new and still need to be tested on many more configurations, so we appreciate your patience as we rollout more support. Please help us troubleshoot and post your solutions on the forum!

  • Dual-boot bugfix: Fixed a bug which made the Windows partition not visible in dual-boot systems.

  • Localization improvements: Corrected an issue where images might be shown in the wrong language – ie showing “Portuguese (Brazilian)” rather than “Portugiesisch (Brasilien)” even if the app is running in German.

  • Support for Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai: The Endless Installer for Windows now supports downloading and installing the Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai versions of Endless OS.


Is the Soy 502 app source code avail.?

Unfortunately, no. You can recreate the app’s UI from source, specifically it was described in this file:

But the code that downloaded and processed the news articles is proprietary. (And anyway, that code is useless now since they changed their site.)

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So you guys need an app that makes viewing articles and content from this website streamlined?
I might be able to try to whip something up. I’ll do my best.


Could this by any chance fill the job the old Soy App did?

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A site-specific browser would make the website into an “app” (which you could also do by adding a web link to your desktop) but the added value of the app was that it delivered updates periodically, using our “asynchronous internet” technology. I’m not sure how you would replace that with the available tools.