Release | Endless OS Version 3.1.4

Endless OS 3.1.4 (April 10, 2017)

  • Steam Flatpak app. Good news for gamers: we’ve added Steam to our App Center! Steam is a popular online video game store (made by Valve Corporation), where you can find many of the most popular games today, including some popular free-to-play games such as Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2. We are in the process of fixing a couple of known issues with the Flatpak support for Steam on Endless; if your machine meets all the requirements and still cannot run a game, let us know.

  • New App Center theme. We’ve given the App Center a fresh new look by giving it a light theme.
- **Updated Chromium.** We’ve upgraded the built-in Chromium browser from version 55 to 57 and made improvements in our package maintenance process that will allow quicker updates in the future.
  • Updated Firefox. We switched Firefox to the Extended Support Release (ESR) and updated to version 52; the ESR allows security updates while continuing to support Java in the browser (whereas the regular build of Firefox, like most other browsers, has dropped support of Java starting with version 52).

  • Apps install to the desktop. Your apps will now always be added to the desktop when you install them from the App Center. Previously, some apps would be added into a folder and could be hard to find.

  • VLC app as default. We fixed the ability to associate VLC as the default application for double-clicking on videos in the file manager.

  • Apps for Bangladesh. The History, Travel, and Soccer apps now have Bengali content instead of English content. The Geography, Soccer, History, Travel, Animals, Celebrities, and Cooking apps now have updated logos.

  • Screen and file sharing bugfix. We’ve fixed a problem where sometimes screen sharing and file sharing could not be enabled.

  • App Center bugfix. We fixed several applications that could not be launched from within the App Center.

  • Weather app bugfix. We’ve fixed a problem where the weather app keeps claiming that you don’t have an internet connection when actually you do.

  • Virtual School app bugfix. We fixed touchscreen support in Virtual School by virtue of the browser upgrade.

  • Dropbox app bugfix. We fixed the launching and configuration of Dropbox. We adapted to the new browser-based configuration method introduced by Dropbox in a recent upgrade.

  • Open Arena app bugfix. Fixed launching the Open Arena game from the desktop.

  • Scratch app bugfix. The Scratch programming app can now record audio again.

Live USB sticks

  • Admin access. When trying Endless OS from a live USB stick, it’s now possible to use the sudo command and other actions that need administrator access. Previously, you would be asked for a password, which you do not have.

  • Keyring access. When trying Endless OS from a live USB stick, you’re no longer prompted to unlock your login keyring with a password you don’t have.


Two notes on using Steam…

  1. You need the latest version of the Endless Platform, which can be updated from the “Updates” page of the app center. If you see an error that you are missing 32-bit libraries, this means that you do not have the latest version of the Endless Platform. (And, at the moment, we don’t automatically update the platform when the Operating System is updated.)
  2. We just fixed a couple important bugs in the Steam application last night. If you installed Steam earlier this week, please check again for updates to Steam in the app center. This update fixes problems logging in under some circumstances, and is needed to properly display graphical textures in some games such as Team Fortress 2.

See the following for more tips regarding Steam:



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