Release | Endless OS Version 3.1.5

Endless OS 3.1.5 (April 25, 2017)

  • Input method bug fix: We fixed support for IBus input methods inside of sandboxed flatpak apps. This will help users experiencing problems with languages that require different characters like Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai.

  • Full screen bug fix: We fixed a bug that affected the full screen launching of some flatpak apps.

  • App updates: We fixed a bug in the App Center that prevented some apps from updating. (A few apps still might not update under certain conditions, and we are working on a fix for the next release.)

  • File manager: The file manager now reliably detects when computers share folders within your network.

  • Firefox browser as default: You can now choose to set Firefox as your default browser; however, it will not be used for web apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Gmail.

  • Firefox codecs support: We fixed support for video codecs so you can now use them with Firefox. (Video codecs are provided with Endless-branded hardware purchases, or available for download for $3 from

  • Scratch app: We fixed the image importing and presentation mode.

  • Steam games: We added support for Team Fortress 2 and fixed a bug that caused a crash when logging in under some conditions.

  • Removed Prensa Libre news app: The Prensa Libre news app for Guatemala was removed since it was unable to receive news updates.