Release | Endless OS Version 3.3.5

Here’s what’s new in Endless OS 3.3.5

(Released: December 11, 2017)

  • Sign-on improvements. We’ve made it easier for users who mix English and non-English languages in their password to switch languages while signing in to unlock their computer.

  • Improvements to apps. The new version of Flatpak and Flatpak Builder adds new features and fixes many bugs. This means users will see improvements to their apps such as:

    • Missing icons will now appear in some apps like Telegram
    • Prevented a situation where apps wouldn’t be able to connect to the internet after changing from one wireless network to another
    • Improvements to language and localization selection
    • Graphics hardware acceleration support for ARM (your apps will work better on Endless Mini and Mission Mini)
  • Better Chromium performance. We upgraded the built-in Chromium browser to release 62. We also modified Chromium to protect newly opened tabs from being reloaded when you click away and then return to them, which in turn prevents both browser and system crashes.

App spotlight.

There are many new and upgraded apps including:

  • Primer (Philippines)
  • Movement, Kids, Funny Videos, Animations, Animal Kingdom (English)
  • Pob pad (Thailand)
  • Pergidulu (Indonesia)
  • Diah Didi’s Kitchen (Indonesia)
  • Khaosod English (Thailand)
  • Omelete (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Manila Times (Philippines)
  • NDTV Sports (India)
  • Nature is Speaking (English)
  • Dropbox
  • Chrome
  • Skype
  • Google Play Music Desktop

How do I know which Version of Endless I am on?
As far as I can see,I am on Endless 3,but the rest data?

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open “Settings” then “Details”