Release | Endless OS Version 3.4.6

Endless OS 3.4.6 was released on 6th August and contains the following bugfixes/improvements:

  • Updated built-in Internet browser to Chromium 67 base release.
    • Allow the browser to use more of the compressed memory (zram) included in Endless OS systems before unloading tabs in the background. This means that when using the browser in combination with other applications on low memory systems (e.g. 2GB), pages should be re-loaded less often.
    • Fixes splash screen so that it only stays visible as long as the browser is loading.
    • Correctly loads the desktop version of Google Calendar on ARM systems such as Endless Mini.
  • App center improvements:
    • Automatically clear temporary files from the OS updater and application installation when disk space is low.
    • When automatic application updates are enabled, avoid repeated notifications about updates being available.
    • Automatically show a selection of all Endless-published application in the “Featured” section.
    • Fixed double-clicking to load Flatpak app bundles, refs or repo files in the App Center.
  • Other OS updates and fixes:
    • Correct a bug with upgrades from OS version 3.3 to 3.4 where a copy of the old OS version 3.3 was left on the disk, consuming 1-2GB of disk space.
    • Improvements to Internet time synchronization (NTP) functionality: Update the clock more quickly when connecting to the internet, and keep track of time more accurately when offline.
    • Make the updater work correctly even when some Flatpak repositories cannot be reached, and not crash if there are local disk errors.
    • Ensure the companion app service runs correctly on Endless One and Endless Mini systems where the apps are stored on a separate SD card.
    • Update to newer versions of Flatpak (0.99.3) and OSTree (2018.6).
  • Migrate the Dropbox application to the community-maintained Flathub app store, updating the current version from 53.4.66 to 54.4.90.