Release | Endless OS Version 3.4.7

Endless OS 3.4.7 was released on Monday 10th September 2018, and contains the following fixes/improvements:

  • Add support in the App Center for copying apps to a USB stick so they can be installed on another system. When an app USB is inserted on another Endless OS machine, you can select the apps from the “USB” category in the App Center to install or update them. At present this is only available on newly-installed machines, but will be delivered in an OS update to existing machines soon.

App details page showing new “Copy to USB” button. This appears when a USB disk is inserted.

When a USB disk containing apps is inserted, the App Center will open displaying this special “USB” category, containing all the apps that can be installed from the USB disk.

  • Make the system more responsive during OS and app installations and upgrades. The background processes which do the bulk of the work during an installation or an upgrade have been set to a lower IO priority, which means that other programs trying to load or save information from disk will be prioritised first. This is particularly helpful when automatic updates are being installed in the background.
  • Update Flatpak (and flatpak-builder development tool) to 1.0.0 release to keep compatibility with the latest features and bug fixes. See the Flatpak 1.0 Release Announcement for more detailed information.
  • Add support in the OS for detecting USB U2F authentication tokens, so that you can use them with your browser to log in to online services.
  • Re-enable Netflix on ARM-based devices such as Endless Mini.
  • Update Linux kernel to protect against L1 Terminal Fault.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • In the App Center, show the app that’s currently updating at the top of the Updates panel.
    • Fix a bug with live systems where app installations would fail with a “min-free-space-size” error.
    • Update the HP printer drivers, adding support for more recent models.
    • Recover gracefully if your configuration database is corrupted by power loss.
  • App updates:
    • Updated to Google Chrome 68.
    • Updated to Skype
    • Switch the Stellarium app to the version provided by Flathub, which is a significantly newer and more appealing version.
    • Update the list of available apps on ARM systems such as Endless Mini, adding some 46 more apps.

@ramcq is “Copy To USB” feature only working on EXT4 usb disk?