Remove desktop shortcuts that were created using web browser

I have some desktop shortcuts that were created using Chromium/Chrome as separate windows. Since then, they stopped working and only bring up a new browser tab. So I wanted to delete them but there are apparently no menu options or tools to ditch them. How would I do this using Endless OS or Chromium/Chrome?

Access this link through the browser: chrome://apps/

That gives me the current valid apps, not those that are corrupt.

The shortcuts are stored in the following location:


and start all with chrome-. Take a look at this directory and remove the ones you no longer need or are damaged. You need to look through the files with a Editor (gedit) to determine which one it is.

Thanks. That got some out of the way, but there are some that came with EOS. Like Twitter and Facebook. I think these are icon/shortcuts to install or setup those apps. There is nothing in App Center to remove/uninstall or in the ~/.local/share/applications either. I just like a cleaner desktop.

You can’t remove them, as they are part of the system distribution and the regular way of getting rid of them, is to simply move them out of sight, e.g. on one of the pages after the first.

However, if you really want to hide them, you can take the hard route and create corresponding per-User Hide entries as described in the following thread:

Ah. Ok thank you. Will move them to far end screen.

Hello ;

I guess you are talking about Facebook, or Duolingo shortcut ;

They are linked to chromium-browser, installed via apt.

I openned a terminal as root (command: sudo su -), then cd /usr/share/applications/

I was able to find related desktop file (ls) I removed (rm)
(then, I rebooted to refresh my desktop).

I want also to specify that both chromium (via apt), and google-chrome (via flatpack) was installed.
I do a “apt remove chromium-browser*” to remove this one (as it was duplicate, and linked to shortcut btw).

I hope it will help ;

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