Remove Endless Os from boot to install a Ubuntu distribution?

Hello !

I recently bought a laptop which came with Endless OS . I am a developper and not very convinced with the store as i cant find a lot of tools I use, Terminator is unexistant in the store so I decided to get rid of ENdless Os on my machone and install kubuntu as it was my previous ubuntu distribution.

To approach this I have everything I need on a Usb to start the instalation from boot.

My question is :slight_smile:
If I install kubuntu from boot and afterwards decide to remove from ClI anything existant (as I believe kubuntu intalation would delete previous OS, but not sure if this is correct) …wont I get duplicated updates of packages resulting in a less optimized bandwidth performance.

Any hints on how to approach this issue?

If you really want to get rid of EOS, boot with a Ubuntu Live Installer, open a terminal and run:

sudo bash
sgdisk --zap-all /dev/sda

This will wipe all partition tables. If you now run the installer, it’s like you’re installing on a completely new disk.

But wait

What are your issues with EOS? If you are a developer and want to use tools your are used too, there are many choices:

  • Install the desired IDE from the App Store
  • Use toolbox to create a full Fedora installation running side-by-side with EOS. This allows you to use all tools available there.

Thanks you!

Answering to your question ,YES, you have the ide’s on the store, but there are other tools such as terminator which don’t even show up in the store… this gives me serious doubts about having troubles to find other stuff in the future, so its one of the main, among other reasons.

I was thinking about installing kubuntu from boot NO PARTITION , so If im correct this will wipe out Endless OS, is this correct?

My doubts were if any remaining packages from debian yould still persist and get updated in parallel , after doing the above mentioned… thank you. Not sure if i explained myself well. Sorry im not very fluent in english

We can not help you
We only support Endless OS

you can’t or might not want , speak for yourself, others might…

You can use Ubuntu bash on Endless OS using this command:

podman run -it ubuntu bash

i know that but that is not what i am talking about… I am sorry but you are missing the point.
not trying to be rude just trying to see if anyone knows what i am talking about

The commands from my first post will wipe out everything on your disk, so no fear, nothing is left and you will get a clean Kubuntu installation :slight_smile:

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True …:ok_hand::+1: That is one solution and a good approach if you want to install a distribution and than mae a partition for intalling other OS which from to start from boot.

I will remember this for future issues in case i need to make a partition for whatever purposes.

Anyhow I installed kubuntu using the entire disk so I guess that worked as well. I will check out if this way anything remained and If so, i will let anyone know just in case anyOne else find him/herself in the same situation

Thanks anyhow. It definately helped

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