Rename images right click

Hi !

Still new to Endless :slight_smile:
After being a windows user for so long, I got used to a few things :slight_smile:

For example:

Clicking on an image and be able to rename like this, click next to the image and done and not having to right click, choose rename and click rename.

Is there a solution for this? I really find this very easy to use. Please…
If you have a lot of images to rename, this was so much easier and faster.

Also I can’t seem to find where I can set up the wheel-click on my mouse to use as a “hoover”?

Thanks in advance!

No one ? :disappointed_relieved:

You can also use the F2 Key, which is the shortcut for rename.

Thanks egrath!

That’s already handy.
But, not possible to shift and rename the next one?
Always have to press the rename button?

Is there a list somewhere where I can search things like this? So I don’t allways have to ask.

Thank you!!

Most of GNOME and Nautilus’s Keyboard shortcuts work on EOS too - and there are plenty of them :slight_smile:

If you have to rename all the files following a pattern, you can select them all then press F2 (or right-click and rename) to do a bulk search and replace:

Also I can’t seem to find where I can set up the wheel-click on my mouse to use as a “hoover”?

What would it being used as a “hoover” mean?

What would it being used as a “hoover” mean?

In Window’s Explorer, if you have selected a file and hoover over it, then press the left mouse button again a single time, you can inline rename the file.

Yes that is correct. Also, when you renamed the file you just click next to the image and it’s done. Don’t have to press a “rename button”.

But with the hoover on the mouse-wheel I mean something different.
When I am on a page (internet, word, …) I can click on the wheel on my mouse (the wheel where you can scroll with), then when I go down with my mouse the page moves down, or up when going up.
That way I don’t have to scroll or drag.

Thanks wjt for this good idea!

I have to rename a lot of pictures almost everyday.
I need to select the best pictures and rename them from 1 to 20 or 1 to 50 …
On Windows I slowly doubleclick on the picture, and I can rename, then just press Shift button to go to next picture and rename… This goes really fast and is very easy!

So now with Endless, right click on the picture, then choose rename, enter name/number, then hit the “rename button”, right click on the next picture …
It just takes longer…

I don’t believe that’s supported, but I could be wrong.

You can add numbers to filenames, which may or may not help you, using the “Add” button in that dialogue:

You can use Dolphin which is available on the App Center


Will try this later!

Kind regards.

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