Request: Battery Monitor on Taskbar like Windows 10

Greetings to the Development Team!

I would like to see the Endless OS have a battery life monitor built in the taskbar, very similar in nature to Windows 10. It would make life easier. Thanks so much.

Hm … there is a Battery indicator in the panel, at least for all the Notebooks i installed EOS to:
If it’s not there for you, can you please create a diagonistic (eos-diagnostics) and upload it here, so that we can help in figuring out the issue.

Hi, @billnes!

Thanks for the feedback. Can you give us more information of what your looking for?

Hello Egrath,


I gave up.

I pulled the HDD out of the laptop and connected it to a Windows PC via a USB to SATA external bridge adapter. I formatted the HDD, wiping it clean.

I’m sorry to have to say this: Put bluntly and simply, there is absolutely no alternative to Micro$oft Windows 10. The $ is not a typo. Even with all its little imperfections, Windows 10 Professional is the way to go. Quality and compatibility costs… And it will cost you a phucking shiteload… You will pay for it BIG TIME and you will pay for it out every orifice you have. US$200 for the OS and US$249 for an installation of MS Office.

After trying so many different versions of Linux, it’s obvious that none of them are ready for prime time. Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that none of them can compete with a paid license of 10 Professional and a Paid license of Office…

I sincerely hate sounding like a shill for Micro$oft. Because of how much everything costs, I hate them with a passion. But the simple truth is that Windows 10 is the only real viable option for a PC.

Depends on what you want to archieve and do. I agree with you, that if you depend on some applications on available on windows (e.g. most games) or if your entire infrastructure is built on top of microsoft technology (Speak: Active Directory, Group Policies, SCCM, SCOM, … to only mention a few), windows is the way to go, no question.

But there are other people and other use cases too. Let’s take for example people who most of their time spend on the internet, writing some letters and doing their budgetary bill. For those people, linux totally suits their needs.

I’m not a Fanboy of either of them, all of them have their advantages and disadvantages for specific domains.

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