Какое приложение - аналог есть на эндлесс по типу rufus

Какое есть приложение типо rufus, хочу нахрен снести эту чушь и поставить винду

Rufus has many different things it can handle. What are you exactly looking for?

  • For writing raw Images (“Anyboot-ISO”) of Linux Distributions to a USB stick, you can use Fedora Media Writer
  • For creating Windows 10 bootable Media, you have to manually partition and copy the files to the stick, there is no equivalent of it.
  • For creating FreeDOS-bootable media, there is UNetBootin. It’s not in App Center, but it’s binary is downloadable from the developer and works in EOS

мне подходит 2 вариант но как это сделать

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