Samba Server on Endless

These terminal commands do not work for me on Linux endless , just on linux mint to make the samba server run. Can you send me the right commands for my linux endless device. Regards Wolfgang

Hi Wolfgang Koch,

First go to vi editor to edit the smb.conf file

sudo su vi /etc/samba/smb.conf

After you are in the file, move the cursor to the [Global]

Then press “Ins” Key on your keyboard to change to edit mode.

​Add the following command

client min protocol = CORE

!!! I get exactly stuck at this point down below

After adding the line, press “Esc” Key, then input “:”,

then input “wq”, press “Enter”.

​Works Done.

Use Endless OS - Toolbox

You can install using the toolbox command. The Toolbox is a tool that offers a familiar DEB based environment for developing and debugging software that runs fully unprivileged using Podman. I recommend reading the toolbox command documentation using the command toolbox --help

Create a new toolbox container using the command:

toolbox create -i

To run the toolbox use the command:

toolbox enter eos-toolbox-lts

To install Samba use the command:

sudo apt install samba

this was nozt eaxactly my issue. I want to hook up my external
hard disk to my router and it should be accesscible in the file
explorer under network and the name of my routetr as it does on
Linux Mint with the augmentments and commands I have send you. I
hope you will get what I mean.

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