Segurança dos endless

How safe is ENDLESS-OS against hacker intrusions? Is it possible for me to click on links, download a malicious file and through my IP, someone hack my computer? Does endless have any anti-viruses?

Do I need anti-virus software on Endless OS? What makes Endless OS more secure?

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From a security perspective, Linux is generally the least vunerable operating system in broader use. Endless OS in particular has additional security features built in, like the execution of applications in a Sandbox, which makes it even more secure.

So to answer your question - you are on the safer side when using EOS for your daily tasks, compared to Windows or Mac. And you don’t need a Antivirus, as there are almost no viruses written for the Linux operating system, compared to the other twos.

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What about the invasion of a hacker by IP?

Normally your PC isn’t directly connected to the internet via an public IP, it’s connected through a router which has the external IP on one of the interfaces and does NAT. So nobody is able to directly access your computer from the outside in general.

Even for the case where your computer is directly exposed to the public internet, chances are little that an attacker can gain access to your device as per default no single service is listening for incoming connections.

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