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Hi all!
I need to keep my laptop as cool as possible, because it is becoming unstable when overheated. I replaced an HD for an SSD, and although my tecnicioan could not replace the thernal paste, there is no dust or lint in the box, yet it still gets unstable by overheating. I want to use cpufrequtils or whatever other solution to decrease cpu voltage/frequancy. I need advice as to how to procede.eos-diagnostic-200920_104049_UTC-0300.txt (712,0,KB)

cpufrequtils is not available but you could search for an alternative in

That’s sad. Thanks for the help. Do you happen to kno of any such utility in flathub? I could not find any. Do you know if there are other flatpak repos we could use?

Normaly, when the CPU overheats even when the fans are working, there’s either one of these issues:

  1. The fluid component inside the heat pipes got lost (e.g. because there’s some kind of damage on the pipe)
  2. The thermal grease has hardened.

I would at first check the pipes for any obvious damage and then replace the thermal grease. Did the procedure on a old HP notebook a few days ago which had an idle temperature around 70° C. After replacing the grease, the temperatures did fall down to as low as around 45° C in idle mode.

Thanx again, I guess I’ll try to find another technician who might be able to work on that issue.

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