Sharing Endless OS in Maddela, Quirino, Philippines

I introduced EOS to School Heads of five schools in our town and they liked it. One of the Schools, the Methodist Beatitudes School, invited me to present EOS in their Parents and Teachers Conference last January 27, 2019 at 2:00 pm Manila Time. It was my first time to present EOS in front of an audience and I was a bit nervous. The presentation was successful because there were many positive feedback. Thanks to our Endless Team Members for their help and support. I hope that this will be a good start for Endless here in the Philippines.

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The School Director of Saint Vincent School has concerns on the knowledge based apps in EOS if they are true and correct. How do I address such concern?

@wjt @ramcq Could help?

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I was invited to present Endless OS in Maddela Comprehensive High School (MCHS) anytime next week in their Teachers Meeting. MCHS has more than 50 Teachers and more than 3,000 High School Students. This is a very good school to share EOS. Your help and support are again very much appreciated.

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Are there specific apps or content they are concerned about.

If you scroll to the bottom of an article in a knowledge app, you should be able to see where the content comes from. In many cases, it is freely-licensed content from a source like Wikipedia.