Should I prefer EOS Apps or Flathub for Google Chrome?

I am using Endless OS 5. In the App Center I can easily find Google Chrome, but I noticed that it’s available from two different Flatpak repositories. One is from EOS Apps, and the other is Flathub.

Which should I prefer for installing Google Chrome? Is there any difference?

I’ve installed the one from EOS Apps - since that was selected by default when I searched for Google Chrome in the App Center - and it is working fine for now…

Chrome from the Endless remote actually runs outside of the Flatpak sandbox (in favor of using the built-in Chrome sandbox). This usually doesn’t change much, but it does mean that native messaging extensions (like KeePassXC) can work with it, whereas they currently don’t work with browsers that are running inside the Flatpak sandbox.

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They both come from the upstream Google Chrome release, they’re just packaged a bit differently in that way.

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