Shutdown/restart (beta version OS)

Bug Report

Processor- AMD® Ryzen 3 3250u with radeon graphics × 4
Graphics- AMD® Radeon™ vega 3 graphics
Memory- 5.7 GiB
Disk capacity- 1.3 TB

OS Version: Endless 4.0.3; Build ID: 220210-230052
Locale: IST (UTC =5.30) Kolkata,India
Application: None

== Description: ==

Hanging at Shutdown screen with Endless OS logo while updateing to new os or normal shutdown/restart

== Steps to Reproduce: ==

  1. Shutdown by pressing button/ automatic shutdown by app store OS updates

== Expected Results: ==

The PC screen’s to go black and show GRUB

== Actual Results: ==

Hanging at a blurry Endless OS screen

== Logs: ==

eos-diagnostic-220211_101147_UTC 0530.txt (1.3 MB)

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