Siguen los Problemas con la actualización del comando Freedesktop Platform 21.08.7

monica@endless-monica:~$ eos-updater-ctl update
Changed state to Polling
Changed state to Ready
======= Properties =======
State: Polling
CurrentID: ‘23185758799dc512df7125adbb8717c793c5188fb94498dbadcd7f8a66bb3969’
DownloadSize: 0 bytes
DownloadedBytes: 0 bytes
ErrorCode: uint32 0
ErrorMessage: ‘’
ErrorName: ‘’
FullDownloadSize: 0 bytes
FullUnpackedSize: 0 bytes
OriginalRefspec: ‘’
UnpackedSize: 0 bytes
UpdateID: ‘’
UpdateLabel: ‘’
UpdateMessage: ‘’
UpdateRefspec: ‘’
Version: ‘’

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/bin/eos-updater-ctl”, line 425, in
File “/usr/bin/eos-updater-ctl”, line 421, in main
File “/usr/bin/eos-updater-ctl”, line 224, in command_update
fetch_result = command_fetch(block=True, quiet=quiet,
File “/usr/bin/eos-updater-ctl”, line 207, in command_fetch
return command_dbus(‘fetch’, block, quiet, parameters)
File “/usr/bin/eos-updater-ctl”, line 175, in command_dbus
proxy.call_sync(qualified_method_name, parameters, 0, -1, None)
gi.repository.GLib.Error: g-io-error-quark: GDBus.Error:com.endlessm.Updater.Error.WrongState: Can’t call Fetch() while in state Ready (36)

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eos-diagnostic-211217_100822_UTC-0300.txt (1,5 MB)

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