Simular to mp3 gain - sync volume of mp3


Does anyone know a program that sync’s my mp3 files? I tried looking in the App-center, but havn’t found one…
On windows I used to have mp3 gain, which was very basic, but very good.
Straightforward syncronizing the volume of my mp3’s.

I want to make some music cd’s (yes, they do still exist :slight_smile: ) But then I want to have the same volume for all the songs.

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards.

So, I’m really looking for a very simple program.
Just something I can add my mp3 files to and they all syncronise the volume, so not every song is louder or very quiet.

This would really help me.
If you know it doesn’t exist for Endless/Linux, please let me know to.


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