Sistema trava todos os aplicativos

O sistema esta travando quando navego na internet ou utilizo qualquer aplicativo do sistema

After the next crash, can you please run eos-diagnostics and upload the generated file into this thread for further analysis.

Tem o passo a passo de como executar o eos diagnostics e aonde está armazenado este aplicativo?

  1. Open the application ‘Terminal’
  2. In this window, enter the following command, then press return:
  1. In your browser, navigate to this thread, then reply and press the upload file button:
  2. Select “Choose Files”, navigate to your Home directory and select the file named similar to eos-diagnostic-220719_193401_UTC-0300.txt. Then press the “Upload” button and send the reply.

eos-diagnostic-220729_080504_UTC-0300.txt (1,2,MB)
Segue arquivo para analise.

You need to upgrade your Endless OS installation to the latest version available. As there was a issue with your specific version which prevented it from upgrading automatically, can you please read the following artcile and perform the given instructions:

If you still experience issues after this, please let us know and also provide a new diagnostic then.

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