Some apps cannot reach the internet in 3.9.0~beta3

It looks like the problem is not only in the Bluetooth. Many applications that require internet do not work, Firefox does not work, Steam does not work, OBS does not work. Server error or connection error to the server is everywhere. But Chrome is working. And it doesn’t matter if you connect via cable, WiFi or other network. But if you run through GRUB beta2, everything works fine, I checked it all several times.

eos-diagnostic-201029_125419_UTC 0700.txt (958.9 КБ)

when the release? i cannot use internet and bluetooth

Can you look at the entries in /etc/resolv.conf? There should be some nameserver xx.xx.xx.xx IP addresses in there. In your log there are failures resolving DNS names, which would more or less make the entire internet stop working. From the log I believe your DNS server should be

Once you find one of the IP addresses, try to ping it like ping If that’s successful, can you run getent hosts This would return if it was successful.

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