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Greetings; i gave your OS a spin and i Will defenitly use it on casual family members. For me One thing is a showstopper however.

There are no Open gl vulkan dxvk 32 bit libraries. This means that every gamer that relies on Steam proton or wine via lutris cant play their Windows games apps. I understand that you have many apps but sadly we live on a Windows world and there are no substitutes for PlayStation now that i run for my kid via lutris and this is just one example.

You should have an advanced mode use at your own risk where the system could be unlocked as option só advanced users could install missing libs thru synaptic.

You could add some tweak options for icon style and there should be an option to manually change the webapps icon to a custom icon ; some sites dont have a preselected icon.

You should have the nvidia settings APP available so advanced users can tweak gpu settings.

You should have an advanced partitioning option so people with more then convencional One drive can setup swap file or home dir.

These are small things that can help more users to adopt your OS.

I did loved the way everything worked out of the box and how office was fully configurated to my language preset.

I also loved the Simple way one can make webapps.

Loved the Simple but funcional design.

I do hope you get to a point where i will use your system as my main system one day.



The best way to accomplish your goal is to make Flatpaks of those Windows games that either bundle Wine or use a shared Wine runtime. And while that’s not one of Endless’s own goals, there are people working on it and we will benefit from that work.

You can play PlayStation games using GNOME Games

You can play PlayStation games using GNOME Games

PlayStation Now is a streaming service where you can play several games via streaming without having the game installed. This enables Linux users to play whatever they want. Its PlayStation version of Google stadia. You pay a monthly fee and have acess to a catalog of 1000+ games that are updated monthly. Believe it or not it works better in Linux thru wine then Windows itself. :slight_smile:

Leandro; i found out a APP thats called gamehub; it links with Steam and installs its games; the advantage here is that its bundled with vulkan and dxvk and proton and you can even customize wich version you want to play with the game. Its installable via flatpak but for some reason does not find the Steam config file. In arch it detects Steam.

With a bit of tinkering i think it may be possible to cirvunvent this hurdle.

Thanks for the feedback!! Starting with this one:

In order to figure out which action to take, can you clarify exactly which game or app you are launching here? Are you using the regular desktop launcher having installed it from the app store, or are you doing something more fancy?

Hello Daniel.

Games thru Steam with steamplay proton on simply wont launch. Lutris spew errors about vulkan 32 bit not being available.

In my case Im using a nvidia card. 1080 gtx

Is this OS using nvidia noveau or propietary drivers?



Games thru Steam with steamplay proton on simply wont launch.

Sorry if this is a silly question but I know almost nothing about Steam. Are you using Steam as-is from the app center here, or is “steamplay proton” something different? What happens when you try to launch, is there an error message or something like that?

Lutris spew errors about vulkan 32 bit not being available.

What’s Lutris? Is this the same as the steamplay proton issue above, or is this a separate game/app you are trying to launch? Can you share the exact error message?

Is this OS using nvidia noveau or propietary drivers?

It uses the nvidia driver from

However Steam from the app center runs under a separate runtime environment, so my questions are heading along the lines of trying to figure out if this is something that needs to be fixed in Endless OS, or if it’s something that needs to be fixed in the Steam flatpak runtime environment which is separately maintained.

Its ok know very little about flatpak :slight_smile:
Im using Steam via the native appcenter you provide with endless. Proton is a mode you activate on Steam so you can run Windows games seamlessly as they were native. (Like a built in wine managed by valve). Valve got tired of waiting for game support from devs to Linux só they linda imlemented support for games themselves.

Lutris is an app like playonlinux a front end to wine that allows you to play Windows games on Linux. You can also Run console emulators there.
Assuming you Bundle libraries on flatpak apps you should Bundle the libraries on this link in Steam and lutris. Otherwize they wont work properly.

Use the command:

flatpak update --appstream && flatpak update -y

The Lutris Flatpak is currently in Beta, but will soon be in the App Center

I managed to install it via console using the instructions on the lutris website via flatpak.

The fix is very Simple

Allow EOS to have dxvk bundled. If EOS is debian based you should get it easily via synaptic.

For nvidia you need
libvulkan1 libvulkan1:i386

For Radeon or Intel gpus you need

mesa-vulkan-drivers mesa-vulkan-drivers:i386

And thats it. Most drivers for some moronic reason dont install 32 bit libs in fact canonical tried to declare i386 libs extinct and valve reacted that 32 bit libs are crucial to get games to work with wine and Steam proton mode and threatened to remove Steam from Ubuntu wich got canonical to back off on their decision. If you install a nvidia drivers the 32 libs are never installed by default they need to be added. If you Bundle eos with the libs the problem is sorted easily.

The fix may be simple but I suspect it is not quite as you describe. When you run Steam it does not run under the Endless OS runtime environment, so adding the packages you mention to Endless would potentially have no effect on Steam. This is one of the design aspects of flatpak where the runtime environment is isolated and separate from the OS.

Do you happen to know if there are any free games on Steam that I can use to reproduce this issue and try some fixes?

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Hey cant say i know…

If you have a Steam account try checking for a already owned Windows game on this site. If its here as gold silver you can use it to test.

Try this One; its free

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