Sorry & last questions


first of all, sorry for my last edit in the first post. i was too annoyed about fedora/ibm at the same time and that i’m not a google, facebook & co. friend after all that happened in the last few year (should be the case for everyone - imho) should be obvious now. but i still see many good things about your project. so i put aside all annoyances (also about other distros and of course microsoft) and ask (no more fear, no more annoying edit - we all have to live together on this planet and all sit together in the same boat):

  1. do you send anynomous telemetry to google (even when i disable the telemetry - option)?

  2. do you run facebook (the worst of all) in the background resp. will data be sent to facebook even if i don’t use this “something”?

  3. if i use the search on the desktop itself (it says “google search”), is google search supplied with data as well?

  4. will it be possible in the near future to completely remove apps you don’t want on your system (which will be delivered by ostree)?

  5. i’m not talking about just removing apps like that just from the desktop.

conclusio: what about privacy & and a higher degree of autonomy for the end-user?

i think these are important topics. it’s all about trust in these days.

  1. will it be possible in the near future to hide the annoying taskbar with maximized windows?


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