Sound output not working


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Just replaced the small version with the full version of Endless and i suddenly have no sound. Here is the eos -diagnostics of my computer
eos-diagnostic-180216_140226_UTC-0500.txt (580.9 KB)

Thanks for looking into it hope you find a solution



I have installed the small Endless OS Version on a ASUS E200ha and everything except the sound works great and fine.
It seems that it only recognises the disconnected HDMI output. The Soundcard, I think it is a Realtek, is not recognised as one and is listed only as USB device.
In the Audio options, there is only a dummy.

Thank you for your great work!

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eos-diagnostic-180605_130151_UTC 0200.txt (369,1 KB)


eos-diagnostic-180618_131406_UTC 0300.txt (2.0 MB)


Magandang Araw
Hello team -eos-diagnostics are here for the sound issue hoping that this issue can fix as soon as possible.
Sound does not work (laptop) but when I use my earphones it works.
eos-diagnostic-180815_172238_UTC 0800.txt (838.1 KB)


Unfortunately, I have constant sound issues as well. I really loved everything about this OS - it’s very beautiful yet simple, there are some really nice apps in the app center, everything’s so nice, so I gladly paid for the sound/video codecs, but those sound problems just drive me insane. I don’t have sound half of the time, it’s too frustrating. If you guys fix that in the next versions of EOS I would be happy to join again in the future, but for the time being I’m giving up and switching to another OS.
eos-diagnostic-180820_211557_UTC 0300.txt (724.6 KB)


eos-diagnostic-181220_131400_UTC 0700.txt (244.0 KB)
I have the same problem here, sound cannot play at all…


@awanyuya upgrade to the latest version of Endless OS 3.5.3

Settings :arrow_right: Details :arrow_right: Look for updates

You will upgrade to Endless OS 3.3.19 and then repeat the same procedure to upgrade to the latest version of Endless OS 3.5.3


Okay thanks it worked… :+1:


After updating OS to the latest version sound does not work as earlier
eos-diagnostic-190110_005436_UTC 0200.txt (1015,3 КБ)

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