Strange issue with user account in this board


Hi, is there some problem with the board software? Every few days my account is logged out automatically, and after logging in again, the board tells me that my account is not activated. It then sends me an activation mail with a link - after confirming my account with this link, everything works again for a few days.


I can confirm this behavior. It seems to have started about a week back. I seem to only have it work for the current session, but then you appear to be more active than I.



Thanks for letting us know. @Nimrod_Adar migrated the forum to a different server and updated the software a week or so ago – maybe this is related?


The server was restated a few times the last couple of weeks, this can cause users to be logged out and have to login again. However they shouldn’t have to reactivate their accounts. I’ll investigate further.

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