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I just got a Hack Computer for my daughter and have been fiddling around with the OS and noticed a couple issues.

  1. When changing a Standard User to an Admin, it is possible that the age restrictions get ported over, which results in certain apps not showing up in the App Center for the new Admin. You also can’t tell that the Admin is age restricted from the User settings since the age restriction setting is invisible for Admins. Moreover, the only way I could find to fix this is to log in to a second Admin account, change the problem Admin account to a Standard user, change the age restriction, then change the account back to Admin. This caused me a lot of confusion and troubleshooting to figure out why my Admin account wasn’t showing certain apps.

  2. Many of the apps don’t seem to be properly age rated, making the age restriction functionality not very useful currently. For example, when setting the age restriction to “Teen”, over half the apps disappear including perfectly innocent ones

Thanks for listening to this first time user


Thanks for this great feedback!

Interesting edge case! In a future release we plan to show age restrictions for admins in Settings, too.

This is a known issue, and it’s being worked on, both within Endless for Endless-specific apps, and on Flathub, where content-rating data will soon be mandatory for new and updated apps.

Are there specific apps that disappeared that you were surprised about?


Actually, it seemed like over 80% of the app store was gone. I actually thought it was a server issue until I realized that I could see the apps on another account that wasn’t age restricted.

The specific app that triggered my investigation was Lightspeed, which is clearly appropriate for kids.


Such a nice feedback,such a nice idea

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