Switching to firefox as the default browser

Hi all,

Since my ageing but still very active mother is understanding less and less how Windows 10 works, updates etc, I am looking for a linux version which operates more transparent and understandable.

This is not easy since change is not something easy at her age. I have helped her using LibreOffice some years ago already, so that helps a lot. Now just simple email like Geary could work. But I would like to help her stick to Firefox.

Evaluating Linux distro’s I have found Endless OS to be the most easy and stable thus far.

The only thing is making Firefox the default internet browser, instead of Chromium. When using it for search you get a path to your home folder instead of it showing Google with your search results.

This issue has been reported before (2015) and I suspect there must have been a solution sometime, but I cannot find it. Can someone point out how to properly make Firefox present it’s default search provider (ie Google) with the search results?

old message about this

eos-diagnostic-191026_132312_UTC 0200.txt

Kind regards, Arjen

That post is on 15th August 2019.

I’m afraid there is no solution yet. (I use Firefox as my default browser and it’s really annoying!)

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