The 14 gb english iso

Hi I downloaded the large english iso 14 gb plus, on a usb disk, when I went to install it on a hard drive there was no option to do nit, but it apears the live version has persistance?

Yes the ISO has persistence for your data across a reboot. You should have been present with an option to reformat your hard drive during the first boot. And there should also be an icon on the desktop to reformat. Perhaps you can use that?

Can you clarify exactly what you downloaded (including filename) and the method you used to create the USB stick?


I downloaded the basic version, and the full english version, which because of my limited internet speed took 5 hours! I guess the full version is big because of the number of apps included?

I did a bit of teminal work from one of the forums which helped, but the biggest hold up was the fact that for a first instalation it downloads updates of over 1GB which I was not aware of,once that was done it installed apps ok. So Now it all up and running.
I also now know that the live vesion can have some persistance if you save in the documents file. Learning curve I think, the format command used to install to a hard drive had me guessing at first, as ai am used to installing mint, or ubuntu, and my immediate,.
reaction was NO dont want to format my USB, I would politely suggest change the wording to Install to hard drive?

Anyway i made my usb stick with mint, using the usb format tool and usb image writer very easy, so getting used to a new os, seems like an amalgam of ms, android and a linux distro, so yes its interesting printer works as does scanner, havent tried everything
yet but so far so good, bit slow loading on my pc even though its a quad core intell processor, only 4 gig of ram though.

Hope you find my comments usefull, keep up the good work!

Regards len

Thank you very much for the feedback!

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