The high buga contrast to Endless OS 30.3 beta 1

eos-diagnostic-171002_123741_UTC-0300.txt (602,5 KB)

@LeandroStanger when you create these topics, is it giving you a template for the topic that includes fields for things like OS Version, locale and computer model?

Thank you, @LeandroStanger. I assume you are talking about the large avatar on the taskbar. If so, yes, this is a known problem with high contrast that is on our list to fix. Iā€™m pretty sure the bug was already there for Endless OS 3.2, and we hope to fix it prior to the general availability of 3.3.0.

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:endless: Yes :endless:

Great. Can you fill those fields out when posting bug reports? Having that standard set of data is helpful to our developers

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