The new Hack experience is here!


Download and install the latest Endless OS update. After installation, reboot your computer and launch Hack from the icon on the desktop.

What’s in the new Hack experience?

Great question! For starters, your Clubhouse will be upgraded with a new look! This is your “one-stop-shop” to access all of the Hack content.

Within the clubhouse, you can toggle the Hack experience using the Hack mode switch on the right. With Hack mode on, your computer is transformed into a fun learning environment where you can explore learning pathways such as Art, Maker, Operating System, Web, and Games. The Hack mode experience includes the “Flip to Hack” feature, the Clubhouse ambiance including sounds, a unique mouse pointer, and a special desktop background.

When Hack mode is set to off, your computer will return to a normal computer.


Each character has a special topic they are passionate about, called a Pathway. For example, hovering over Ada reveals that she is interested in games. You can also access the pathways from the menu.

Deep dive into the various learning activities.

Take control of your learning by starting (and stopping) a learning activity at any time. You can learn about HTML in the morning, play a few games in the afternoon, and then deep dive into Blender the evening. It’s entirely up to you.


Track your progress by earning badges as you complete pathway activities and other actions. How many can you discover and collect?

Hack News

Get the latest news from Hack, tips and tricks, and cool site suggestions right from our news feed. If you are connected to the internet, you can also access Hack’s social media accounts.

Features Unlocked

If you had the previous version of Hack and weren’t able to finish all of the levels for Fizzics, Lightspeed, or Sidetrack before you upgraded, all of the special features will be unlocked!

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