The percentage of installing in app center doesn't move

hi, so i got the problem on app center that the percentage of installing doesn’t move. it still download the app perfectly ,but the percentage just won’t move, is that somekind of error or something? can anyone help me to make it move again?

Something that would help us a lot to understand the problem would be this:

  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal’
  2. In this application run the command:


  1. The above command will create a file with the information of your system (example: eos-diagnostic-160614_111731_UTC + 0100.txt); Send us this file so we can analyze and see a possible solution

eos-diagnostic-180912_201403_UTC 0700.txt (1,2 MB)

@Roby Upgrade to Endless OS 3.4.7. Has the bug been fixed?

I am on the latest version of Endless OS, just installed 3.4.7. I experience the same thing when installing most apps. Very slow progress bar, with sometimes no movement. However, the app seems to install eventually and work fine. Happened when I installed Chrome just after the install. No progress showed, but it was installed. With Skype it crept up very slowly, eventually showing maybe 50% installed and then I happened to noticed it was actually installed.eos-diagnostic-181014_181755_UTC-0400.txt (822.9 KB)

Flatpak apps take forever to install! Today I went to install a notepad app that was a whopping 18.2mb in size. At first nothing happened, for minutes, then after closing and opening the App Center a few times it gradually crept into being. I have an internet connection that downloads multi-GB Linux OSes faster than that.

Minor update. Just installed 3.4.8 and installed Skype last night, with the same result–progress bar creeps along and never gets above 50%, but then all of a sudden after many minutes the window pops that says it is installed. It took longer to download and install Skype than it did to install 3.4.8.

FWIW I just installed Skype on my 3.4.8 system and it took about 1 minute, with the progress bar making steady progress.

Could you try getting verbose output from gnome-software (the app center) during one of these very slow installs? Follow the instructions towards the end of

OK–I just installed Gnote. Took approximately 3 minutes, which isn’t too bad, but it is only 18.2mb in size. Behavior was a long delay before the progress bar jumped to 20%, than shorter delays jumping to 40, then 60, 80, and finally installed. No progress between the major hops of 20% each time. Here’s the diagnostic file: eos-diagnostic-181022_163615_UTC-0400.txt (752.2 KB)

@Zephyr you sent a wrong diagnostic file
Here is a step by step

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Run killall gnome-software
  3. Run gnome-software --verbose > gnome-software-verbose.txt – this will launch the app center and gather a lot of debug output to a text file
  4. Reproduce the problem in the app center
  5. Close the app center and return to the Terminal
  6. Press Ctrl-C
  7. Send gnome-software-verbose.txt to us