The wonderful Endless OS gui

hello to all,
I have seen that endless os is based on ubuntu, right?
So, if that is true, is it possible to configure ubuntu to use/have the endless os gui (I really like it, seems android gui)?

Is it possible to do?
Am I a dreamer? :smiley:

Thanks in advance,

In theory, it should work, as the entire User interface is implemented as a set of GNOME Extensions, namely:

Without those two, the Endless Desktop looks like plain vanilla GNOME. You can find their source in the following two repositories:

Your options are to either build the extension by yourself or simply grab them from a working EOS installation, they are located under:


Let us know if that worked - don’t forget to enable the extension with the gnome-extensions tool.

Hi egrath,
thanks for your celery response.
I think I will try to simply grab them and put they on a installed ubuntu system :smiley: .
As soon as possible I will try the tips described.

Many many thanks,

Hi egrath,
I have tried to install Ubuntu 20.10 on my Lenovo X201T, but I have a problem…
The wacom touchscreen work when I install the OS, but it (the touchscreen) don’t work anymore when I reboot the installed system.

Without the touchscreen the pc it’s a bit useless (i like to use the touchscreen and gestures) :smiley:
I have seen that Fedora use Gnome too (and the touchscreen should work always), can I try to use the eos extension on Fedora?


You can use the extension on every Distribution which uses the correct GNOME Version (if you are using the Binaries from EOS)