This Steam Flatpak is safe?


A friend questioned the safety and continuity of this flatpak on Flathub (Steam client) for not an official client offered on the home site Valve and for doing banking transactions…
What is the chance of this flatpak being discontinued?


The Steam Flatpak on Flathub is a launcher for the real Steam client, which is distributed by Valve. Their license allows Flathub to redistribute it - and really it’s just a “stub” which updates and launches the actual Steam software from Valve anyway.

The only unofficial part is the wrapper that places the Steam stub inside a Flatpak sandbox, and tries to configure the sandbox in the best way to ensure compatibility with as many games as possible.

We (at Endless) have helped to support the Flathub community and believe they will keep this wrapper working and maintained well, which is why we decided to use it instead of ours - if they did not, we’d most likely either step in to help, or maintain our own once more.

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